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Winter Snow Sessions| Mg Photography| Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho

I am absolutely in love with winter sessions!!  I know, I know, most people hate the snow, they are tired of it especially after Christmas.  But there is something so pretty, intimate, and quiet about it.  I am absolutely enjoying these snow sessions, and perhaps I can get you to enjoy them too with a few tips 🙂


This is Layla, she actually flew from Florida for Christmas and we had to get her out there for some snow shots as it was her first time seeing snow 🙂  I knew for her she wasn’t going to be used to the cold at all so we we’re going to have to keep it short!  I made sure to put a white blanket down and bring a chair so she wouldn’t get wet right away.  In the beginning of a session kids are excited, but after about 40 minutes she was cold, tired and definitely worn out.  Make sure to prepare for short sessions so you can get all your shots done quickly. I was incredibly happy with how this photo turned out, especially with those gorgeous baby blues.downing-family

The Downing Family|  With this beautiful family I knew we would have some more time, the kids are older and we are used to the weather 🙂 It was a beautiful day, the sun came out and we headed for the trees and a gorgeous barn I love to shoot at.  You would never know we trekked through about 5 feet of snow to get to the barn with the light we had- Just so gorgeous!!

Just look at that gorgeous winter light!!


Please go out and enjoy yourself this winter, if you are a client and have thought about a snow session, I promise they are fun and comfortable.  And Dad’s that means you don’t have to do a very long session either 🙂



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