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How to shoot better Story telling and Lifestyle Images of your kids by Mg Photography

lifestyle-images-by-coeur-d-alene-photographer-3document-your-days-coeur-d-alene-photographerI absolutely love photographing my children, after all that is why I got into photography in the first place.  Over the years I have been inspired by story telling and lifestyle images, or documenting your everyday.  Winter can be dull and uninspiring at times, but I also appreciate it so I can slow down and enjoy taking photos of my kids again.  So, let’s embrace the weather and learn something new- here are a few tips to help you!


  1.  BACK UP:  I do love this image above, the catchlights in her eyes are pretty and I love that sweet smile.  I am her mom though and it doesn’t tell you a lot about the day.  When you take closeup portraits, they are beautiful in their own way, but the story is lost in the image. pillow-fight Once I back up there is so much more invited into the scene.  It tells a great and fun-some have even called me brave- story about this day.


2.  Let them play!!  There are so many things you can do with kids to encourage them to play.  Quinton loves this piano, I really wanted to try a different perspective/angle so I just put the piano next to the window and let him do his thing!  Our older son loves to play with cars so photographing him in his element is easy, I become a fly on the wall and just enjoy watching him play.document-your-days-in-the-bath-coeur-d-alene-photographer

3.  Find the beauty in your everyday:  Sometimes being a mom can become monotonous, we clean the same things, cook at the same times, and our days can last for what feels like weeks.  When you stop and realize how beautiful your life is and how lucky you are- you are able to see through a different point of view.  My kids really wanted to make pancakes one morning so I let them make a mess and I feel like these photos will be treasured forever.  Yes it was a big mess 🙂  However after slowing down and just watching, my perspective on the mess changed.


4. Find the light:  We live in a beautiful place- Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho- surrounded by mountains, but in the winter time we can get a thick cloud cover that can last for weeks.  Embrace the clouds, the soft light coming from your window is truly beautiful!  Also watch for artificial lighting in your home.  We built our home before I was a photographer and all the lights we chose have a very  yellow tint to them.  So I turn them off and use natural light only.   Don’t be afraid to bump your ISO if you need to 🙂story-telling-in-black-and-whiteraccoon-sky-and-quinn-matte_

5.  Be Creative!!  These are your images, your memories, and you can make a million mistakes and nobody will know if you don’t want them to.  If you find yourself looking at the same window, from the same perspective, try something different.  Get on your child’s level, shoot through crib rails or in my case through the bunk bed.  Instead of staring at the window face on, go to the left, the right, stand on the stair case, try a birds eye view, be a  fly on the wall etc.   It’s truly your viewpoint and what you make of it.

If you enjoyed this post and you would like to see more posts like this, please comment below!!  Thank you, Meagan


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